Clarkesville Corn Maze
1850 Hardman Road, Clarkesville, GA
Haunted CORN MAZE after DARK

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Clarkesville Corn Maze......... follow map below to Hardman Road.
We will have three mazes......
Kiddie Maze
Johnson Maze
Corn Maze

Corn Maze Prices
3 and under- free
Ages 4-10 - $5.00
Ages 11 and over - $10.00

Pay $20.00 plus $5.00 per person up to a total of 10 in family.
Under 3 - free
Includes choice of pumpkin or watermelon and for additional $5.00 dollars receive both.

This is an outdoor event and we are subject to rain closure without notice.

All sales final except for inclement weather.
Rain check issued for future use.

HAUNTED Corn Maze after dark.
Requires separate entrance fee of $10.00 per person regardless of age.